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Carpet Stain Removal

As a homeowner, keeping your space in tip-top shape is paramount. If you have carpets in your home, caring for them should be one of your top priorities. Damage to carpet often stems from the lack of maintenance, resulting from some homeowners who lack the knowledge of how to properly clean their carpets. Dirt and…
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Helpful Tips for Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs can add an absorbing and relaxing ambiance to any home or office spaces. Adding oriental rugs to your home can bridge the gap between a beautiful and sophisticated home and a home that lacks attractiveness and flamboyance. Oriental rugs are manufactured all around the world and often come in many color variations to…
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How to Clean Oriental Rugs

If you’re like me, you’ll love being in a beautiful and well-decorated space. To me, a home is not a home without the flamboyance that comes with oriental area rugs. The many different colors and patterns will add great aesthetics to any room, bringing an atmosphere of happiness into your home. What I like about…
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Simple Steps for Cleaning Silk Rugs

So, you’ve finally moved into that apartment that you’ve been so crazy about. It’s time to get into decoration mode! Let’s start with what type of floors to include, shall we? Great! Similar to the majority of area rugs, silk rugs can elevate the suaveness and stylishness of your space. A unique feature of silk…
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Maintaining Linoleum Floors

Back in college, my father used to work with a popular flooring company. He was responsible for creating the designs for the different types of flooring that were being manufactured and providing expert advice for home decoration. One day, we went to a well-decorated house in the city which had beautiful linoleum floors. I was…
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Maintaining Oriental Area Rugs

In my view, a home is never fully complete without oriental area rugs. For one, oriental rugs can help to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, allowing you, your family and friends to feel more relaxed and peaceful while watching TV on the weekend or playing cards. Oriental area rugs are also offered in an extensive…
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I’ve visited a lot of homes with different flooring materials, but none can compare to oriental rugs. While this may be debatable, I’ll stand strong in my view that including oriental rugs as a part of your home decoration is the best decision you’ll ever make in sprucing up your space! Oriental rugs are great…
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How to Clean Your Oriental Area Rugs

Introduction To be honest, I didn’t know that having oriental area rugs in my home would be so cool! I mean, my home has transformed into a beautiful haven for me and my family. Oriental area rugs are a great way to beautify your home also. Regardless of the color scheme of your home, there…
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How to Clean Silk Area Rugs

Introduction For me, walking on silk area rugs is a really great experience. The soft, smooth fibers micro-massaging the bottom of my feet while the lengthier ones are busy tickling the inside of my toes. It’s just amazing! Even with their typically high cost, I’ve always deemed silk area rugs as an excellent flooring material,…
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How to Clean Area Rugs: General Cleaning Tips

Introduction If you want to take your home’s décor to the next level, investing in some quality area rugs is the way to go! Area rugs help to add panache and warmth to your home, creating an atmosphere of happiness and relaxation. Thinking about throwing a slumber party, or having movie night this Friday? Great!…
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