Carpet Repair & Stretching

Carpet Stretching, Repair, patching, & Replacement.

We have proudly been working with carpet for over 20 years! One of our first services offered was carpet stretching, repair, patching, and replacement. We understand the importance of stretching and repairing carpet using the most effective industry leading methods and tools. Doing the job correctly will provide outstanding and long-term results. We offer free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions about having your carpet stretched or repaired, we would be happy to assist you! 



  • Cut Pile: Saxony, Texture, Velvet/Plush, and Frieze
  • Level Loop Pile, including Berber
  • Cut and Loop Pile
  • Multi-Level Loop Pile
  • Carpet Tile

Carpet Stretching

Carpet that is wrinkled should be re-stretched ASAP to prevent damage to the carpet backing. 

The use of a power stretcher is extremely important. Never allow a company to stretch your carpets without the use of the power stretcher. We can stretch and repair rooms with or without furniture. In many cases, we prefer to stretch the entire room and not just the visible wrinkles. This way we can guarantee our work and give you a life-time warranty of the work we perform on the carpet, knowing that you won’t have any future problems.

Carpet Wrinkling: The major cause of carpet wrinkling is improper installation. We have seen many cases where we have come in after other companies have stretched carpets for a client to fix what should have been done to begin with. There are many companies out there who just are not experienced enough to stretch carpet properly. When you hire Carolina Carpet Cleaning, you can rest easy knowing we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with the service experience you receive from our company, we will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation to correct the situation. If you are still unimpressed, you owe us nothing, and we will issue a 100% refund

Carpet Stretching Process:

1.Pre-Inspection and Walkthrough: We will look at the layout of the room/rooms of the home and determine the best direction(s) to stretch).

2. We will pickup light furniture that may be in the way of us stretching the carpet.

3. We will move any heavy furniture that may be in the way of the room we are stretching to one side of the room. ( Furniture sliders are often used )

4. Our technicians will release the carpet from the tack strip.

5. The carpet is stretched with a power stretcher from an anchor wall toward the opposite direction. (Note: The use of a power stretcher is extremely important. Never allow a company to stretch your carpets without the use of the power stretcher.)

6. A knee kicker is used as an assist tool to the power stretcher and the carpet is attached back onto the tack strip by knee kicking the carpet and pressing the carpet back onto the tack strip with a hammer.

7. Excess carpet that has been stretched is now on the tack strip and we will trim away the excess.

8. The carpet is trimmed with a carpet trimming tool.

9. The carpet is tucked back into the space between the tack and baseboard.

10. Any excess carpet is trimmed as needed with a carpet knife.

11. Cleanup and vacuum. Large pieces are picked up and we will vacuum up the small pieces.

12. Furniture is moved back into place.

13. Post inspection and walkthrough. (We will walk through the home with our client and be sure everything looks great!)


Common Problems we Repair:


Tears and Holes

Burns, Stains, Fading

Pet Urine Damage

Bleach Spots


 Carpet Replacement

Sometimes it may become necessary to cut out and replace areas of carpet that are otherwise permanently damaged. We’ve repaired anything from bleach spots, burn spots, and pet urine stains and so on. Have a look at the pictures below. This was a case of severe urine damage with pet odor, we cut out the damaged carpet and pad then washed the subfloor with bleach and replaced the carpet and padding with new pieces.“Learn More About Pet Urine Damage”


Severe Cat Urine Stain

carpet replacement due to urine damage

Remove Carpet, Pad,Tack Strip. Bleach Sub-Floor

Carpet Repair

Replace with New Carpet, Pad, Tack Strip.

Carpet Repair

Seaming the New Carpet in Place

Carpet Repair

Finished Product & Invisible Seam

Carpet Replacement



Do you have a bleach spot? No problem. We can either dye the carpet back to the original color or patch it.


Why are my carpets bubbling up or waving, and how do you fix it?

I can give you two answers for the first part of the question here. #1: Over time, depending on wear, the carpet backing can become looser from wear and tear and the carpet can lose it’s initial stretch from installation. Typically this should not happen for at least 5 years after installation based on average wear. That brings us to #2: Improper installation. If your carpeting has become loose before 5 years on average wear, I would believe it was installed poorly, simple as that. I installed carpet for years and I was trained by a professional carpet installer. He trained me very well, and always insisted on using a knee kicker in conjunction with a power stretcher. I have seen the results of poor installation way too often.

Now, I will answer the second part of the question. How do I fix it? I own all the equipment to properly reinstall the loose or wrinkled carpet. First I will go in and anaylze the carpet and determine to best route for the loose carpet to go, depending on walls, hallways, other rooms that could get affected, and so on. Then I will pull the carpet up from the tack strip that I want the loose carpet to go toward. I will use a powerstretcher and push the carpet toward the exposed tack strip and use a knee kicker to tack the carpet back into place. Last I will trim up the extra carpet that is now stretched properly into the tack strip.