Errors to Avoid When Vacuuming Your Rug

Vacuuming is an essential part in keeping your rug clean and fresh. It helps in keeping your rug in good condition and removing the dust, dirt, and unwanted particles found in your rug fibers. Unfortunately, some owners are making simple and avoidable mistakes when vacuuming that have negative effects on their rugs without them knowing it. These may not sound like much but these errors can affect your rug so be sure to stay away from the mistakes listed below the next time you decide to pick up your vacuum cleaner.

1. Vacuuming in One Direction – Vacuuming in one direction doesn’t seem like a mistake, right? A lot of people do this so why is wrong? These are usually some of the questions that rug owners ask when told about this first error. Yes, it is true that vacuuming in one direction is done by many owners and it may not sound like a mistake but it can have a negative impact on your rug. For one, it can cause vacuum marks on your rug and ruin its appearance. Vacuum marks are hard to remove and can really change the look of your carpet so the next time, vacuum in varying directions to avoid this from happening.
2. Only Vacuuming When the Rug Looks Dirty – Some rug owners are lazy and only vacuum their rugs when it looks dirty. Well, this is a big mistake as even if the rug doesn’t look filthy the dust and dirt may already be building up in the fibers. This build-up can damage your rug over time so stay away from this common mistake. Vacuum your carpet regularly to avoid this from happening. Vacuuming three to five times a week is best for those rugs in high traffic areas while vacuuming once or twice a week is okay for those in lesser used portions of the house.
3. Vacuuming in Long Strokes – This error has pretty much the same effect as vacuuming in one direction. It leads to ugly vacuum marks which can otherwise destroy the appearance of your beautiful rug. Avoid vacuuming in long strokes, it is recommended that you make short strokes in varying directions to completely avoid vacuum marks from happening.

These three are simple mistakes but can be very costly for your rug. Make sure to keep stay away from the errors listed above to help you properly take care of your rug always and to keep clean and in great condition always.