Carpet Spot Removal Tips

Carpets are expensive fabrics and once someone or something accidentally stains them, the only thing you can think about is how to get rid of that stain before it stains it forever. Some spot removal techniques can be difficult to understand given the availability of more equipment and techniques that must be new to older people. Procedures that can easily be followed in dealing with a dirty spot are recommended since stains take little time to dry, and that is why one will need to take care of that almost immediately. Whether you had drinks spilled, pets bringing dirt from outside and or even playful kids can be some of the reasons that can stain your carpet, and the following are some of the tips that can be used to rectify the situation.
It is necessary for any carpet owner always to read all the labels of their carpet fabric and follow all the instructions pertaining to stain removal products that can be used to prevent color runs or even damage to the carpet. Having this information is as important as having the needed materials to proceed to clean your carpet with any spill or stains.
The first step to take before you start using liquid stain removers, is to take out all solid particles from the stain such as muddy drops before treating the stain. This is meant to prevent caked dirt from creating even a bigger spot as soon as it comes in contact with any liquid stain remover. In case the spill is wet, it is advisable to take a few paper towels or rags and soak them on the spill so that they can absorb as much liquid as possible before you start cleaning your carpet. Starting the soaking from edges towards the center is usually encouraged and after blotting excess liquid out of the spot, remove them and place another fresh set of towels on the spot and push them down heavily to take out any remaining liquid in the stain spot.
The next tip is to pick the right stain remover. You should read the usage directions and other instructions that are on the product label to confirm that the stain remover can actually remove the spot on your carpet or not. You should also test on an obscure part of your carpet with any stain remover product you may want to use, just to see whether it has any negative or damaging effects on the carpet. If it doesn’t, then you can go ahead and douse the spot with the stain remover on a towel and repeat the process until the entire spot is completely removed.After repeating the process quite some time, the stain spot should hopefully vanish and lastly do a general carpet cleaning to make it wholly clean again.