Effectively Cleaning Floor Wax Stains on the Carpet

Have you ever accidentally gotten floor wax on your carpet? This can be a really problematic situation since the floor wax can cause major stains on your carpet and a very big headache for you. Floor wax is great when waxing hardwood floors but it certainly has no place for your carpet. Sadly, little accidents can happen so finding yourself in this predicament is not really impossible.


Cleaning up the floor wax stain on your carpet can be very difficult for a number of reasons. For one, it can be very stubborn as the wax is really hard to get rid of once it has attached to the fibers of your carpet. Another issues is that many homeowners do not really know what to do in this situation. To help you solve this carpet cleaning problem, below is a guide which you can follow.


Quickly get a clean white cloth and dip it in some water. Then, squeeze the excess water and then use the cloth to blot the area where the floor wax stain is located. This step helps in lifting the floor wax out of the carpet fibers.


You are going to need to focus on removing the floor wax stain as this can be very difficult to do. First, get some dry cleaning solvent and then apply some of it on an absorbent pad. Then you should use the pad to blot the floor wax stain again and again. You will notice that the floor wax stain will slowly dissolve and blotting it will cause the stain to transfer from your carpet fibers onto the surface of the absorbent pad.


You will likely need to repeat the previous step several times in order to get the best results. Floor wax stains on the carpet are known to be one of the toughest cleaning problems that can happen to it so you should exercise patience when dealing with this issue.


If after several attempts you see that there is still some staining on your carpet, consult a carpet cleaner right away. It may mean that the stain is really very stubborn that expert carpet cleaners are needed to get your carpet back to normal.


Floor wax stains can be a lot of trouble for homeowners but with the right steps you can get your carpet back to the way it was. Follow the advice above and get rid of the mess with ease.