Grout Cleaning Tips


Tiles, tiles, tiles. What would we do without them? I mean, there are other types of floor types, but these are just so unique, stylish, and elegant. (Not saying the others aren’t.)

Tiles add the perfect finish to your dining and living rooms, bathroom, kitchen, or even your office. They are just an amazing sight to see in any room!

Now, cleaning grout does not depend entirely on the type of tile cleaner that you use. It’s also based on cleaning methods you apply for maintaining them.

The most effective way to cast out the greatest amount of dirt and grime from the grout is to apply a mixture and allow it to soak in and work the magic before giving it a proper scrubbing.

Follow the guide below to get started.

5 Essential Tips for Cleaning Grout


  1. Before you begin your grout-cleaning routine, use a dry broom to sweep away any dirt or dust, then use a mop to wipe the floor. For wall tiles, use a dry cloth to wipe them thoroughly. This removes any dust or dirt that may be present, enabling you to better access the grout.
  2. Choose a suitable cleaning solution and apply it to the grout, making sure that all sections are completely covered.After doing this, you may realize that you need to regularly apply the solution as it soaks in. However, adding too much of the solution may cause the floors to become saturated. Your only focus should be getting all the crevices covered.
  3. Allow the tile cleaner to sit for about 30 minutes.This time should be enough to loosen the stains so you can easily lift them off.
  4. Scrub the grout clean using a hard-bristled brush. You can purchase specialized grout brushes at DIY stores, but an old toothbrush may do a similar job.

NOTE: Brushing your teeth with that same toothbrush afterwards is not recommend!

  1. Rinse the wall or floor with clean water, then dry. For stains that are difficult to remove, repeat the steps from time to time to achieve optimal results.


Clean tiles and grout can elevate the overall appearance of your kitchen, bathroom or living area, making them cleaner and brighter.

While cleaning grout can be a headache for many persons, with some simple steps, you can remove some of the dirt or stains (if not all). Try these steps and make the results do all the talking!