Helpful Hints in Eliminating Fruit Punch Stains on the Carpet

One of the best drinks to have if ever you are having a party or any kind of gathering in your home is fruit punch. The great thing about it is that you can prepare it several ways. If you are planning to have kids and teenagers over then you can easily make a refreshing fruit punch. If you are preparing for a more adult party then you could add some alcoholic drinks to it to give it a kick.

Fruit punch is not only delicious but it is also healthy for our body. The fresh fruit juices that you put into it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that is good for our health. Just be careful when drinking fruit punch though as spilling it on the carpet can make for a very frustrating situation.

A homeowner has a million other things that he or she wants to do other than clean up the fruit punch stains on the carpet but sadly this is one task that you should do otherwise your carpet will be ruined. Try to follow the guide below to learn some of the things that you should do to restore the beauty of your carpet at home.

Cleaning fruit punch stains begins by clearing up all of the foreign material which has been spilled on your carpet. You need to do this immediately so that the spill will not infiltrate other parts of your carpet. You should quickly get some clean paper towels and start blotting the liquid parts of the spills while you can use your fingers or a clean spoon to remove the solid particles.

Once the foreign material has been removed from your carpet, the next step is to get the cleaning agent that you usually use on your carpet. Apply an appropriate amount on the ugly stain that is left on your carpet and then leave it there for a moment or two. This is to ensure that the solution can really work on the stain for it to be removed without any hassles.

Blotting the fruit punch stain on your carpet is going to be the next step that you have to do. Take a clean white cloth and use it to blot the stained portion of your carpet. You should continue to blot the stain until the all of it is removed from your carpet. This is the tough part of the cleaning process since you may have to spend some time in performing this until you finally see results.

Rinsing the area of your carpet that you just cleaned is the next and final step that you need to do. Get some clean water and pour it over the area you finished cleaning. This will remove any residue that could stay behind on your carpet fibers. Dry the area thoroughly with some clean rags and you are done in restoring your carpet to normal.