Maintaining Linoleum Floors

Back in college, my father used to work with a popular flooring company. He was responsible for creating the designs for the different types of flooring that were being manufactured and providing expert advice for home decoration.

One day, we went to a well-decorated house in the city which had beautiful linoleum floors. I was kind of surprised to see linoleum floors in such a sophisticated space, but this goes to show how useful and universal they can be.

If you have linoleum floors in your home or office, there’s no need to worry about maintenance. In all honesty, maintaining your linoleum floors is as easy as easy can get. Don’t take my word for it, though. Find out for yourself by reading the simple maintenance tips below.



Simple Maintenance Tips for Linoleum Floors


  • Before you wipe, make sure that you mop or sweep your linoleum floors.

Mopping or sweeping your linoleum floors at least every other day can help to remove dirt or dust that may cause temporary stains to your linoleum floors.

  • Use water and vinegar as your primary cleaner.

Combining water and vinegar is the best cleaning solution for your linoleum floors. Using this solution to clean your floors at least twice per week can help to keep your floors looking fresh and clean!

Vinegar is a great cleaner for almost any floor and can prevent wax from accumulating on the floor’s surface. As a result, your floors will ultimately preserve their sheen! How great!

  • Follow these steps to clean your linoleum floors with water and vinegar:
  • Combine 10 liters of water and a few drops of water in a bucket.
  • Use the mixture to mop your floors.
  • Afterward, leave it to air dry. Doing this will reduce the possibility of residue showing up on the floor’s surface.
  • If you notice a yellowish color on your floors, you’ll need to expose them to sunlight.


The best way to prevent your floors from attracting this yellow-looking stain is to open a few windows to let sunlight in. The sunlight will kill the bacteria that cause the stain to occur.

Treating the stain:

  • Combine two parts water and one part bleach in a bucket.
  • Gently scrub the floor with the solution by using a soft brush.
  • Wipe the floor with vinegar and water to reduce the bleach’s corrosiveness.


Linoleum floors are used everywhere. They simplistically add aesthetic appeal to any space and are very easy to maintain. As a result, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them or hire professional cleaners. Just do it yourself and dwell in the wonderful décor that they add to your home or office!