Rug Cleaning 101: How to Clean Up Rust Stains on the Rug

Rusty metal can be a real eyesore if you have metal furniture or furnishings inside your home. Nobody wants to have rust inside the home which is why it is really important to keep it out of your rug fibers too. Unfortunately there are times when you accidentally brush some of the rust from your metal furnishings on your rug which could result in the latter becoming really dirty and ugly.
Cleaning up the rust stains on the rug is no laughing matter. It is really tough and most homeowners don’t really know what to do to get their rugs back to normal. If you are facing this predicament you should not panic as there is a solution to your problem. Read the helpful guide below to find out what you can do to clean up the rust stains on your rug easily.
Grab some lemon juice and pour it on the spot where the rust stain is located. Allow the lemon juice to soak the stain for a few minutes before blotting it using a clean white cloth. This is going to help remove some of the rust stain as well as make it more manageable to eliminate using the next steps.
After doing the previous step, the next thing you have to do is to create a cleaning agent that you could use to help further eliminate the stain. What you can do is to combine one teaspoon of non-bleach detergent with three cups of warm water to help create a very potent cleaning solution that is sure to eliminate the rust stain on the rug. After making this you can proceed to the next step.
Apply the cleaning solution that you have made on the rust stain on your rug and then leave it there for a minute or two. This is going to help break the stain down so that it will be removed from the rug fibers. Once you have applied the solution, get a clean white cloth and repeatedly blot it until it is completely gone. You may not see the results immediately but just keep at it until your rug is already looking like new.
After removing the rust stain, the final step is to rinse the spot where it used to be to help avoid having any residue stay behind. Dry the area off using some clean towels and you’re finally done restoring the rug to normal.