Steps to Clean Up Food Dye Stains on the Carpet

Food dye is a very useful item which is commonly used by many homeowners in preparing delicious and attractive dishes. Food dyes can come in really handy when cooking or baking as it can give a lot of color to the otherwise dull-looking food that they prepare.

The unfortunate thing though is that sometimes the food dye can get spilled on the carpet which can make for a very frustrating situation. The food dye will surely make a very big stain on the carpet fibers which is something that no homeowner wants to experience. This can ruin the way that your carpet looks so cleaning up the mess is really essential. To find out what you should do to clean the food dye stain on your carpet, take a moment to read the helpful post below.

Using a clean white cloth, try to absorb the spilled food dye on the carpet right away. If you do this quickly, you will be able to prevent the spill from causing a problem which will be very difficult to clean up.

Once the excess food dye has been removed, the next step is to get a 1/4 cup of room temperature water and to pour it onto the stained area. This is going to help in making the stain diluted and lighter.

Take a piece of paper towel and try to blot the food dye stain on the carpet. This may be helpful in lifting some of the stain particles but you will likely need to do more to completely get rid of the mess.

Use some of the carpet cleaning solution that you have and apply it on the food dye stain. The stain is going to be very stubborn to clean so it is best to let the cleaning solution soak the stain for a moment or two.

Next, use a clean white cloth to again blot the food dye stain on your carpet. You should do this again and again until the stain is completely removed. This may take a while but just keep at it until the carpet is finally stain-free once more.

The last step that you need to do is to get a cup of room temperature water and then use it to rinse the area you finished cleaning. This is to thoroughly remove any residue that could get left behind on the carpet fibers. After performing the last step, just dry the carpet with some clean rags and everything should already be back to normal.