Tips in Cleaning Porridge Stains on the Carpet

Porridge is one food item that many people enjoy. They are not only popular because of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” but also because they are really delicious and tasty. It is perfect for the cold, winter nights as you are just snuggled in front of the fireplace with your family.

But porridge can leave behind a mess if you are accidentally spill some of it on your carpet. Stains are not uncommon which is why knowing how to clean up the mess if ever you are faced with one is important.

Porridge stains on the carpet is not something that you would want to see but if ever you are already faced with one then you should know what to do. If you are facing this very predicament at home, check out the guide below to find out how you can clean the porridge stains on your carpet with ease.

1. Scoop up the spilled porridge on your carpet right away using a clean spoon so that you can extract as much foreign material on your carpet. This is important to do quickly to avoid having the porridge spread to other parts of your carpet.
2. After removing the spilled porridge, eliminating the ugly stain that it has caused is step number two. You should prepare a cleaning agent for the stain so that you can eliminate it with ease. A mixture of one part clear ammonia with four parts of warm water will do just the trick.
3. Pour the cleaning solution you have prepared using the ammonia on the stained area of your carpet. Just let it sit there for several minutes and then start to blot the area using a clean white cloth. You should never wipe or rub the stain after applying the solution. Instead just carefully blot it to get the best results.
4. After some time of repeatedly blotting the stained portion of the carpet, the porridge stain will become lighter and soon it will be completely gone. Once you achieve this the last step is to eliminate the residue that could stay behind on your carpet fibers.
5. To eliminate the residue that could get stuck on your carpet, rinse the area that you cleaned using a cup of clean water. After doing so, get some clean towels and dry the entire area to complete the job.

Cleaning porridge stains on the carpet is not as difficult as you may think. Just follow the guide above and your carpet will be stain-free in no time.