4 Basic Rug Care Tips

Rugs play many roles in home decoration. For one thing, they add warmth to the room. Moreover, they can also help bring out the best in the rooms design. It’s a pop of color, a breath of fresh air to any part of the house.

However, if rugs aren’t maintained, they’ll be more of a nuisance. An unmaintained rug is totally unsightly and definitely you wouldn’t want that in your home. So it is best that you take good care of your rugs and clean them well. The following are some tips on basic rug care:

Tip No. 1

Cleaning is a continuous process. By this, it means that it is a regular task. You don’t clean the rug once and leave it. It is important that you have a scheduled rug cleaning routine. Every day, make sure you run a vacuum cleaner over and under the rug. This is the best regular routine.

Tip No. 2

Deep cleaning is just s important as regular dusting. It doesn’t mean that if you clean your rug every day you’re excused not to deep clean it. There are still some dirt and residue left in there. So, once every twelve to eighteen months, you have to hand wash your rug. If you find this chore bothersome, you can simply bring it to professional rug cleaners and they will do the dirty work for you.

Tip No. 3

In case you accidentally stain the rug, be sure you respond to it right away. Grab an absorbent tissue or a piece of cloth and place it over the stained area. This is best for spills such as wine. The cloth will absorb the liquid preventing it from seeping deeper into the fiber of the rug. Just make sure you don’t rub the fabric over the surface as this motion might cause the stain to spread to a wider area. If you weren’t able to address the problem the moment there was a spill or stain, just make sure you clean it up the moment you notice it.

Tip No. 4

Prevention is better than cure. By this, it means that it is best to try to avoid staining your rug. Place it in a strategic area where it will be less prone to heavy stains such as food or pet stains. Try not to eat or drink near the rug.

These are the basic things you need to take note of when caring and cleaning rugs.