How to Clean Area Rugs

Area rugs are essentials when it comes to styling your home. But a lot of people are quite hesitant about having them because of the maintenance issue. It can be challenging to clean area rugs which are much wider and heavier compared to other rugs.

But why would you forgo a perfectly fitting rug just because of simple cleaning tasks. Rugs, no matter what the size aren’t actually very difficult to maintain. You just have to know what to do and how to do it then everything will be a breeze.

The following are some things to take note of when cleaning area rugs:

  1. Keep the rug clean. Cleaning the rug regularly will help a lot to avoid heavy stains to set in. vacuuming is the easiest and most convenient way to do it. When you vacuum the rug, make sure you don’t just clean the upper portion. Flip the rug over and run the vacuum cleaner under it for a more thorough cleaning. Also try to avoid sweeping dirt from the floor into the rug. It might seem easier to just cover it up that way but it will be more difficult to clean afterwards.
  2. Remove stains immediately. Another important thing to note in cleaning area rugs is that leaving stains to sit for a long time would mean that you’d have to clean the entire area rug later on. So it is best that if you stained the rug, immediately clean that stained area in order to avoid having to clean the entire thing more often. Blotting with a cloth or towel can help a lot in removing stains.
  3. Deep clean the rug from time to time. Since area rugs are wider and heavier, deep cleaning can be done in a twelve to eighteen month interval. You can simply send your rug to a professional cleaner, or you may also opt to complete the task by yourself. Considering the size of the area rug, it is best to hand wash it.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make area rug cleaning a lot easier. Aside from simply cleaning, preventing the rug from getting dirty is also one important factor. Try to avoid putting rugs in areas where people frequent. Also try to switch the sides of the rug once in a while so that each area will be evenly exposed to the same level of wear and tear.