Cleaning Up Lotion Stains on Your Area Rug

Keeping an area rug nice and clean can be a very big challenge for any homeowner. It does not really clean up after itself and the thing is there are so many cleaning problems that can occur in your home which could affect its cleanliness. One of the worst things that can happen to your area rug is accidentally getting it stained.


Stains are not uncommon for rug owners are they see it on their rugs on a regular basis. No matter how hard you try and avoid this situation you will surely have to deal with rug stains at one point or another. An example of a very common stain which homeowners have to deal with is lotion stains. It is really common since people use lotion regularly and there could be times when they inadvertently spill some of it on their area rugs. Cleaning up this mess is not easy but lucky for you I have prepared a guide below that will make this task simpler.


The very first step that you should take in cleaning the lotion stains on your area rug is to try and remove the spill immediately. This is an indispensable step to getting your rug back to normal because removing the spilled lotion will help clear up the rug so that you can properly address the ugly stain that the spill has caused.


Secondly, get some paper towels, a cup of clean water and a teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Combine the last two in order to make a homemade cleaning solution that you can apply on the rug stain. The dish washing liquid is going to help in breaking down the stain so that you can slowly extract it from the rug.
The next step is going to utilize the paper towel that you have gotten. After applying some of the cleaning solution on the lotion stain on your rug, get the paper towels and start to blot the affected area repeatedly. This is going to cause the stain to slowly be removed. Just keep on repeating this step until the entire lotion stain is gone.


Once you have eliminated the lotion stain on your area rug, the last thing that you have to do is to remove any potential residue that could stay behind. What you should do is to rinse the area you just cleaned using some water and then dry everything off using some clean rags.