How to Effectively Clean Up Lipstick Stains on Wool Rugs

There are many kinds of stains that could happen to your wool rug and one of the stains that you would always want to avoid is lipstick stains. Lipstick stains can be very problematic for rug owners because it will leave behind a very noticeable mark especially if the wool rug that you have at home is light colored. Nobody wants to see a dark, reddish stain on their wool rug thus you need to do everything that you can if ever you would have to deal with this kind of mess.

Removing the lipstick stain on wool rugs can be a real pain yet it is something that needs to be done if you want to avoid ruining the beauty and elegance of your rug at home To help you out, follow the simple guide that I have made below to be able to finally get rid of the lipstick stain on your wool rug easily.

The basic thing that you need to remember when dealing with lipstick stains on your wool rug is that you need to remove the foreign material on your rug immediately. Try to take some paper towels and use it t blot the spot where the lipstick stain is found. Continue to blot the stain until there is no more lipstick transferring onto the surface of the paper towel.

After trying to get rid of as much of the lipstick as you can on the wool rug, next up is diluting the stain which is left behind. The lipstick stain is likely going to be dark red in color and in order to help make the stain lighter you need to add a few drops of water on it and then blot it repeatedly with some paper towels.

Lipstick stains will not ordinarily get removed using the steps we have done so far thus it is time to step it up a notch. Get the common rug cleaning solution that you usually apply on your wool rug and then use it on the lipstick stain. Let the rug cleaning solution soak the lipstick stain for five minutes and then use some paper towels to again blot the area. If you continue blotting long enough the stain will be completely gone and your wool rug will look like normal once more.

The important thing when dealing with this kind of mess is to stay patient and follow the steps above and you will surely restore the beauty of your wool rug quickly.