Floor Maintenance Tips

Did you know that typical homeowners spend between $256 to $581 on floor cleaning each month? To me, that’s a real eye-opener! These costs were generated by Home Advisor from customer reports that are based on 3053 customer profiles.

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be that way with you. Yes, we all know that cleaning our floors help to reduce costs of repairs, maintenance and to hire professional cleaners. But, the more knowledgeable you are about cleaning your floors, the lesser the amount of money that you’ll have to spend for expert cleaning and replacement.

I have some tips here to share with you. Stay with me.

General Tips for maintaining your floors

Taking good care of your floor all boils down to its type. Different types of floors will require different maintenance methods – some easy and some advanced.

Carpets on a whole will require more attention than any other hard floors as they are easy to become dirty and stained. Tiles, vinyl and linoleum and other floor types can be easily cleaned due to their resistance to dirt and stains. In other words, they are not easily damaged by them. However, tiles have grout which can be an extensive problem for most homeowners.

Maintaining Clean Floors

Keeping dirt at a far distance from your floors is very crucial and is the first thing to do in maintaining your floors. While this can be a headache, dirt can come about from dirty shoe bottoms to dusty furniture.

What I always recommend is enforcing a “shoes off rule” or just simply placing a sturdy doormat at the entrance. How will this help? Well, persons who enter your house won’t bring in the dirt from outside on their shoes when they enter.

Always clean up spills as soon as soon as they occur. This is very important, particularly for carpets. As a result, dirt will not be absorbed into the flooring.

For linoleum floors, make sure to wipe with vinegar and water before you get down to the extreme cleaning.Given that you do this one time per week, it will keep your floors in tip-top shape.

If you have vinyl floors, use a partially wet mop, neutral detergent and warm water to clean your vinyl floors at least once per week. aids in getting rid of dirt and keeps your floor in great condition. In fact, a lot of water is not required for floor cleaning.Besides, floors that are lightly-colored usually require that you clean them more often.


If you want your floors to remain fresh and clean all the time, it is very crucial that your properly maintain them. Besides, different types of flooring require different cleaning methods; usually with fair simplicity.