Upholstery Cleaning

Spending your hard-earned money on upholstery just to see them becoming damaged or losing their premium quality is quite devastating in my view. Why? Because they can be expensive!And as a result, they need to be maintained.

Whether you’ll be getting experts to come in to get them cleaned or you’ll be “doing it yourself”, cleaning them is vital for preserving their amazing quality and durability.

Today, I’ll be providing you with some tips on how to clean your upholstery without hiring any professional cleaning services. Besides, I’m saving you a lot of money here. Therefore, you need to pay keen attention. Thanks!

Tips for Cleaning Upholstery


  • Before you begin any sort of cleaning, vacuum!

It is customary for your upholstery to become stained and/or spotted. Because of this, it is important to vacuum it before you clean.

Dust and dirt may be hiding within the fibers so, it is important to get them out, at least partially.

If the couch becomes wet and still has dirt and dust hidden it its fibers, the outcome would be very unpleasant. Sadly, the dirt would be spread all over the couch.

So, make sure to go through all the crevices with an upholstery attachment and make sure that all the cushions are cleaned.

  • Blot spills as soon as possible!

If you have your upholstery for a long time, it is possible that there will be some old stains within its material. However, if it happens that something spills on it, if it soaks into the upholstery’s coating then it might become set. This can be very difficult to remove.

Therefore, as soon as something is spilled on your upholstery, use a soft cloth to blot it. Don’t scrub it! Else, you might damage the couch’s fibers. In addition, you should blot in a small area. Not doing this would cause the stain to spread.

  • Overall Cleaning

You can use a soap-and-water mixture to clean your upholstery after the spill has been blotted.


  • Obtain a microfiber cloth and some soapy water.
  • Wipe the area gently with the soapy mixture.
  • Let it soak into the fabric to get rid of any dirt that may be present. (Do not use a lot of water. You do not want the fabric to become saturated.)
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Let it dry. (Preferably outside)



Whether you choose to clean your upholstery yourself or hire expert cleaners, there’s no hiding behind the fact that they need to be cleaned. Cleaning them regularly can help them to maintain that fresh look and extend their life.