Getting Rid of Tomato Paste Stains on the Rug

Keeping your rug clean is surely one of the priorities that you have as a rug owner. Rugs can be very beautiful accessories to have but they can become stained and soiled fairly easily as it is exposed to the daily wear and tear and use in your home.

Tough stains can be the worst thing that you can have on your rug and one such stain can occur if you accidentally get tomato paste spilled on it. Tomato paste comes in really handy inside the kitchen but it surely does not have any place on your rug. If you have unfortunately spilled tomato paste on your rug and you have a really ugly stain to deal with, try the helpful advice below to guide you in cleaning up this mess.

• Try to remove as much of the tomato paste as you can on your rug as fast as possible. Removing the paste using a dull knife or a spoon is probably the best way to go about it. If you can no longer remove the spilled tomato paste using the knife or spoon, get some paper towels and blot the soiled area to remove some more of the spill out of your rug.
• The tomato paste stain that is left behind on your rug can be very difficult to clean which is why you should resort to using an effective cleaning solution for this mess. You can actually prepare one yourself just by combining a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water. The ammonia is perfect in eliminating tough stains and surely it will do great in cleaning up the tomato paste stain on your rug.
• Get a small amount of the ammonia-based cleaning agent that you have made and then pour it on the affected area of your rug. Allow it to stay there for two minutes before you mote on to the next step.
• Using a clean white cloth, blot the tomato paste stain on your rug again and again. This is going to cause the stain to slowly transfer from the surface of your rug onto the cloth. Continue to do this until your carpet is finally clean and stain-free.
• Rinse the spot on your rug that you have just finished cleaning to remove any residue of the stain or cleaning solution which could still remain. Once you have done this, get a clean rag and dry everything off to conclude your task.