Tips to Keep Your Carpet Dust-Free

Dust is one of the common cleaning threats that can make your carpet look dirty. It can even damage your carpet as time goes by. Dust is everywhere and if left unattended, your carpet can be filled with dust making it look filthy and unattractive. Dust on your carpet can also be a potential health hazard as it is known to be an allergen which can trigger allergic reactions to people visiting or living in your home.

Keeping your carpet clean, fresh, and dust free is important to maintain its attractiveness and condition as well as protecting the health of the people in your home. Here are some tips to help you in keeping your carpet dust-free always.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly – Vacuuming regularly is probably one of the best ways to keep dust and dirt from staying on your carpet. Dust is all around us and can come from many different sources. Dust on the carpet can be brought by the wind, your pet, or on the feet of people going inside your house. This dust can settle in your carpet and stay there for a long time if you don’t get around to cleaning it. Vacuuming three to five times a week is best for the living room and other areas of the house which receives heavy foot traffic. Less used rooms on the other hand will be okay with a vacuuming schedule of once or twice a week.

Move Around Furniture When Cleaning the Carpet – One problem area is that dust can settle in tight spots which you don’t reach ordinarily when cleaning the carpet. Areas under furnitures are often among the places where a high concentration of dust can be found as many still bypass these areas and don’t bother cleaning it. It’s important to completely clean every inch of your carpet so you should make sure to move the furniture around when vacuuming. This is so that you’ll prevent build-up from happening in certain areas in order for your entire carpet to clean dust-free.

Make House Policies to Minimize Dust in the House – It is already a fact that you cannot totally prevent the dust from entering your home and finding its way onto the carpet fibers. What you can do though is to make simple house policies to minimize this. Measures such as always making sure everyone wipes their feet before entering the door can do wonders in lessening the amount of dust which enters the house and in turn will minimize the dust on the carpet. Brainstorm with your family and solicit suggestions on how else you can make this happen.
These are very simple ways in which you can help keep your carpet dust-free. Dust can damage your carpet, make it look filthy, and also trigger allergic reactions in your family. This is why you should always take steps to keep your carpet dust-free all the time.