Guide to Cleaning Up Potato Soup Stains on the Carpet

If you are sick or if you are cold, eating a nice, hot bowl of soup is certainly something that you should do. There are so many kinds of soups and there is surely one for every person. I personally love potato soup because of its rich and tasty flavor. I love potatoes which is why making a soup out of it is certainly a great idea for me.

Potato soup, much like any other kind of food item in the home, may end up getting spilled at one time or another. Spilling soup can be particularly problematic if the spill occurs on your carpet. This is because carpets can become really soiled and filthy with the spills and ugly stains surely affect the way that it looks.

If you are dealing with potato soup stain on your carpet at home then you should take a read at the helpful guide below to help restore its beauty and condition to normal.

• Take a clean white cloth and then use it to blot the spilled potato soup on your carpet. You should be very cautious when you are doing this since you do not want to spread it on other portions of your carpet. Repeat this as often as necessary until you are able to extract most if not all of the spilled potato soup.
• The next step that you have to do is to prepare a cleaning solution using household items you can find in your home. You cannot remove the potato soup stain without this so you should make sure you make an effective cleaning solution. Use a cup of warm water and mix it with a teaspoon of white vinegar and you will have a very potent cleaning agent that you can utilize.
• Apply the cleaning solution you have prepared on the area of the carpet where the potato soup stain is found. Once you are done with this, get a clean paper towel and repeatedly blot the ugly soup stain.
• Repeat the previous step in this guide until you are able to completely eliminate the potato soup stain on your carpet. This is a very important step since you should do it properly so that your carpet will no longer be stained and unattractive.
• After you have removed the stain, get a cup of water and pour it on where you just finished cleaning. Then, take a clean rag and use it to dry the area thoroughly.