Tips in Cleaning Up Hair Dye on the Rug

Having a beautiful head of hair can make all the difference if you are trying to look your best. The great thing about it is that you can instantly change the color of your hair to whatever color that you want. With hair dye, you can take your pick of which color or hue you would want your hair to be. You can even change your hair color for every month of the year if you wish.

The problem with hair dye though is that it can create cleaning problems inside the home if you inadvertently get some of it on your rug fibers. Many people do their own hair dyeing and sometimes as they go about it they accidentally spill the dye they are using on their rugs.

Cleaning the hair dye on their rugs can be very troubling if you do not know the right approach to take. If you want help with this cleaning issue, check out the guide below to find out what you should do to get your rug clean once more.

• Start off by clearing up as much of the spilled hair dye as you can on your rug. You should be very careful with this task as you do not want to spread the mess any further. Take some paper towels and blot the hair dye out of the rug fibers until there is little or no dye remaining on it.
• As soon as you have cleared the spilled hair dye, the next thing that you should focus on is trying to clean the ugly stain that it has left behind. This may be tough as hair dye can be very stubborn to remove. You will need a very effective cleaning agent for this task. In order to make one, get a cup of warm water and add to it a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent. This is certainly going to help you in clearing up the stain.
• Pour some of the detergent cleaning solution you have made on the rug fibers and then let it set for five minutes. Afterwards, get a clean white cloth or some paper towels and repeatedly blot the affected area. Do this again and again until the stain is gone.
• Once you have cleared the stain, removing any possible residue deposits is the last thing you need to ensure. To do this, get a cup of cool water and then pour it on the spot that you have just cleaned. Then you just need to dry off the rug until it becomes completely dry.