How to Remove Iced Coffee Spills on Your Rug

Coffee is something that used to be enjoyed only during mornings. Nowadays though there are more coffee shops sprouting just about everywhere which is why everyone can enjoy coffee at any time of the day or night. Another change that has become trending these days is that coffee is enjoyed in a different ways and one such change which has received many praise is iced coffee.


Iced coffee is really delicious and gives you the caffeine fix that you need to jumpstart your morning or afternoon. It is really becoming more and more popular which is why countless people drink it everyday.


Sometimes though while you are enjoying your iced coffee in the living room a mishap may occur and you could find yourself spilling your drink by accident on your rug at home. This can be really frustrating but making sure that you clean up the spill immediately is important. Follow the guide below to help you out in cleaning up the iced coffee spill on your rug.


  • Get a clean sponge and quickly absorb the spilled coffee on your rug. Do this quickly and carefully until you are able to extract as much of the liquid out of the rug fibers.
  • The next step is to dilute the stain which the iced coffee spill has caused on your rug. Add a few drops of water on the place where the stain is found and then blot the area afterwards using some paper towels until it dries up.
  • The third step in this guide is preparing a cleaning solution that will help you remove the stain on your rug. It is really simple as you would just have to combine a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water. Place this in an empty spray bottle and proceed to the next step.
  • Spray the iced coffee stain on your rug with the cleaning solution and then let it set there for five minutes. Then, use a clean paper towel to slowly blot the area repeatedly until the stain is gone. This will surely help you in restoring the beauty of your rug.
  • The last step in this guide is to make sure that there is no residue that will get left behind on your rug fibers. Rinse the spot that you cleaned with a cup of clean water and then dry it completely using a clean towel to conclude the process.