Removing Pineapple Juice Stains on Your Carpet

If you have a carpet at home then you probably know how challenging it can be to keep it clean and tidy. While carpets are excellent additions to any home, they can come with a lot of responsibility such as keeping it tidy and well-maintained. A carpet which is not cleaned properly is only a liability as well as a blown investment as carpets can be pretty costly.


Carpets face tons of problems everyday and knowing how to handle them is always important. One of the tough predicaments that can happen on your carpet is it getting stained by spills that happen in your home. One type of stain which could be tough to eliminate is pineapple juice stains. Spilling pineapple juice on your carpet will no doubt cause a nasty stain which is why cleaning it up correctly is essential.


If you are facing a stubborn pineapple juice stain on your carpet at home, the guide below that I have is just for you. Read it and find out how you can properly remove the pineapple juice stains on your carpet.


  • Blot the spilled pineapple juice on your carpet using some paper towels to help remove the liquid spilled on your carpet. Do this as fast as you can so that you can prevent having a stubborn and tough stain on your hands.
  • Next up is diluting the pineapple juice stain using a few drops of water. This helps in avoiding the stain from setting immediately and it also makes the stain lighter which is definitely a good thing.
  • The stain will not be removed by water alone so you should use a cleaning solution to get rid of it. Use a teaspoon of clear ammonia mixed with a cup of warm water as a simple cleaning solution substitute that will be really helpful with the stain. Apply some of this resulting solution on the pineapple juice stain and move on to the next step.
  • Grab a clean paper towel and start to blot the affected area on your carpet. The pineapple juice stain will gradually be broken down and eventually blotting is going to help lift it out of the carpet fibers until your carpet is completely clean once more.
  • Rinse the area that you just cleaned with a cup of room temperature water to take care of any residue that could get left behind. Grab a rag and then start to dry off the area before using it once more.