I’ve visited a lot of homes with different flooring materials, but none can compare to oriental rugs. While this may be debatable, I’ll stand strong in my view that including oriental rugs as a part of your home decoration is the best decision you’ll ever make in sprucing up your space!

Oriental rugs are great areas for having slumber parties, or just sitting and playing cards with your family and friends. Oriental rugs are available in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns to suit your every need. Amazing, right?

While oriental rugs may be an excellent flooring material, they must be properly cleaned to enhance their beauty and extend their durability. I’ve had oriental rugs in my home for years now, so I’ll share some tips with you on how I kept them in great shape for so long. Enjoy!



Cleaning Your Oriental Rugsby Yourself


It’s fairly an easy task to clean your oriental rugs by yourself, especially if they are small. This routine will be most successful if done on a nice, smooth surface such as a paved walkway,on a warm and sunny day.


  • Thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug to remove dirt and dust.
  • Use cool water and rug shampoo or gentle liquid soap to shampoo the rug. (Ammonia, harsh detergents, or other strong chemicals should be avoided!)
  • Check to see if the color runs or fades when the solution is applied to the rug. Test it on a small section of the rug first. If there is no color running or fading, use the solution on the entire rug, but if color fading or running is observed, discontinue.
  • Firmly brush the pile with a long-haired, soft brush or a sturdy, non-shedding sponge in the same direction of the pile with unswerving motions. Don’t scrub too forceful. Use the soapy water to thoroughly wet the nap.
  • Use the same soapy water to wash the fringes. Brush over and over with a laundry brush in the opposite direction of the pile.
  • Thoroughly rinse under/with running water.
  • Extract the excess water by squeezing the rug. You can use a rubber squeegee by squeegeeing the pile continually in the pile’s direction until all the water is extracted.
  • Lay the rug in a flat position and allow it to dry. As soon as the nap feels like it’s dry, flip the rug. Probably, the other side is not dried properly.
  • Vacuum lightly or gently brush to soften the pile when dry.



In my view, adding oriental rugs to your home decoration plan is a really great idea. They come in a fleet of different colors, textures, shapes, and patterns to suit your needs while adding a flare of flamboyance to your home. On the other hand, cleaning your oriental rugs is quite easy. Before you know it, you’ll have them for years and years to come.