How to Clean Your Oriental Area Rugs


To be honest, I didn’t know that having oriental area rugs in my home would be so cool! I mean, my home has transformed into a beautiful haven for me and my family. Oriental area rugs are a great way to beautify your home also.

Regardless of the color scheme of your home, there are oriental area rugs with different patterns, colors, and texture to match perfectly. However, in order for your home to maintain its beauty and elegance, you need to clean your oriental area rugs.

Cleaning may demand professional cleaning service, which is usually expensive, or you could simply do it yourself. Either way, cleaning them is very important. Below, I’ll give you some simple and useful steps to kick start your cleaning routine!




5 Simple Steps for Cleaning your Oriental Rugs


First and foremost, let’s look at what you’ll need for your cleaning routine.

What you’ll need:

  • Rubber squeegee
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cold running water
  • Normal laundry brush
  • Rug shampoo or any other gentle liquid soap
  • Non-shedding sponge or soft long-bristled brush


  1. Thoroughly clean the rug.

Properly cleaning the rug means cleaning both sides to remove any dirt and dust that may be present. Firstly, you should use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum one side, then move on to the next side. This is essential since it will prevent the dirt from spreading when the water touches the rug.

  1. Shampoo

Thoroughly cleaning your oriental area rug is quite impossible without shampooing it in its entirety. This is a crucial step that aims to remove the stain and any other spots that may be plaguing the rug. Afterward, apply some rug-specific shampoo or gentle liquid soap. Keep in mind that using abrasive detergents or ammonia on these types of materials can damage the rug’s fibers or cause discoloration.

In order to make certain that the shampooing of the rug will be successful, try the mixture on a small section of the rug. If the color fades, then discontinue. If not, you can continue with the shampooing process. A non-shedding sponge or soft long-bristled brush should be used to clean the rug’s center portion. Be careful not to exert too much pressure while brushing. You should also brush in a straight line making sure that you’re going in the direction of the rug’s pile.

  1. Wash the rug’s edges.

Thoroughly washing the rug’s edges is a major requirement. To do this, you may use a normal laundry brush along with the mixture used for the mid-section of the rug. However, in this case, you should brush in the opposite direction of the rug’s pile.

  1. Bring the rug to a rinse.

Following the brushing and shampooing of the rug, place the rug under clean running water and rinse properly. As you rinse, gently pass through the rug’s fibers with a soft brush to get rid of the leftover soap or shampoo.

  1. All it to dry.

Place rug outside on a flat surface and allow it to dry. You can also use a rubber squeegee to drain excess water to quicken the drying process.


Cleaning your oriental area rugs is quite important. Cleaning helps them to maintain their overall appearance to the aesthetics of your home. Kick start your cleaning routine today!