Steps in Cleaning Up Grape Jelly on Your Carpet


Grape jelly is one of the kinds of jelly which kids and adults alike love to enjoy. It can be used to make a really delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich which has always been a big favorite of countless people all over the world. Grape jelly is really rich in flavor which is why people love to spread it on bread, pastries and in many other delicious treats.


One thing about grape jelly though that you have to be cautious of is that it can create a very big mess if you accidentally get some of it on your carpet. Grape jelly might be tasty on a sandwich but it will certainly give you a headache if you get it on your light-colored carpet. Removing grape jelly stain is not going to be easy but I have created a simple guide that you can follow to help you through this ordeal.


Clearing up the grape jelly that you have spilled on your carpet is the primary thing that you have to focus on. You should immediately get a dull knife and try to extract the grape jelly out of the carpet fibers. To remove some of the grape jelly which could not be extracted using the knife, get some paper towels and blot the affected area several times.


The next thing that you should work on is in creating a cleaning solution that will help you get rid of the grape jelly stain on your carpet. This is actually very easy to do with the right directions. First, get some of the materials that you are going to use. A teaspoon of white vinegar, a cup of warm water, and some paper towels.


Mix the first two in an empty container and then stir the mixture thoroughly. After doing so, apply a small amount of the resulting solution on the grape jelly stain on your carpet. Leave it there for three to five minutes.
Get a piece of paper towel and then use it to continuously blot the stained portion of the carpet. The grape jelly stain will not be easy to get rid of but just keep on blotting the stain and eventually it will be gone.


Cleaning up the mess on your carpet may not be easy but it is definitely important to do. Try to follow the tips above so that you can help restore your carpet back to normal in no time.