Tips in Preventing Damage to Your Wool Carpet

Wool carpets have always been a popular choice for homeowners who want to add something different to their home. Wool carpets are not the same as the usual carpets which people have. They have a very distinct look and feel which makes it a really big favorite among those homeowners who want something unique in their home’s interior.


Many people prefer to have wool carpeting installed in their homes because of the many advantages that it has. For one, it is said to be more resistant to water and moisture which is certainly something which is a big plus. Another benefit that it can give is that it is also believed to be more durable as compared to other carpet types.


But even if wool carpeting is indeed more resistant and more durable, it does not mean that it is invincible to damage. There are still some instances when it can get damage or deteriorated by improper cleaning and handling by its owners.


You never want to be this kind of owner as wool carpets tend to be expensive and it can be really costly for you to have to replace it. To find out how you can better take care of your wool carpet, check out the list below.


  • One tip that you should keep in mind to avoid damage to your wool carpet is to really be responsible when cleaning it. It is not an indestructible accessory as it can be damaged and deteriorated too if you do not take care of it properly. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that wool carpets will never get damaged and they are just surprised to see if the inevitable happens because of their mismanagement. Having the right attitude is always important to properly take care of your wool carpet at home.
  • A really helpful tip that you should likewise follow to prevent damage to your wool carpet is to avoid letting dust and dirt accumulate in its carpet fibers. Wool carpets have thick fibers and you may not notice that the dust and dirt could be slowly building up right under your nose. You never want to have build-up on your wool carpet as this can cause structural damage over time. Always try to vacuum your carpet at least three times in a week to really make sure that you do not have any build-up on it.


Follow these tips and you will certainly have a good shot of preventing damage on your wool carpet at home.