Washing Colored Rugs

A room is always warmer and cozier with a rug in it. The pop of color also adds life to a rather dull and boring interior. This is why it is really important to keep rugs clean.

However, there is another challenge. It’s not just about cleaning the rug. It’s also about maintaining its bright colors and fabric. There are a lot of cleaning materials and methods available but you have to choose the right ones which would effectively remove stains and at the same time protect the rug’s color and design. Here are some tips:

Tip #1

See rug care instructions. Most rugs nowadays have tags where there are care instructions. As each rug has its own unique makeup and fabric, it would make a lot of difference if you’re able to check for the rug’s cleaning instructions. This would tell you what to avoid and what are the best ways to clean it. If you have the antique ones, it would help to ask the store or the person you bought it from for any specific cleaning instructions.

Tip #2

Going organic in rug cleaning can also help a lot in cleaning your rug without damaging its fabric and color. There are a couple of household items which are actually very useful for stain removal. The best example is white vinegar. When mixed with water, it becomes a very potent solution against stains but it is gentle enough not to cause damage to the fabric. For heavier stains, there’s baking soda which can be used as a substitute to detergents. These solutions are easy to find and are effective in cleaning rugs without any damage to it.

Tip #3

Deep cleaning your rug is also very important. Most rugs have to be hand washed because machine washing them may damage the fabric. In doing so, choose a very mild detergent. Do not trust the color safe label right away. A lot of these may work well on clothes but could spell trouble on rugs. If you wish, it would also be easier for you to have a professional do the cleaning instead. For a couple of bucks, you will be rid of the hassle and at the same time you’re assured that they will be doing the right thing.

These are just some of the things you need to note of when cleaning and caring for your colored rugs.