Area Rug Cleaning Tips

There are many persons who deem area rugs as being an essential tool in enhancing their home’s décor and panache. Yes, they offer great colors to brighten up our rooms and provide a warm and cozy area for us to watch television, play cards and the favorite, slumber parties! Woo-hoo!

With all these great benefits, you need to know how to maintain it, right? Indeed! Who wouldn’t want to have their rugs for years? I know I would. However, you have the option of sending it for expert cleaning but that comes with a hefty price. If you are determined and willing to take it up on yourself to clean your own area rugs, you may be surprised at the good job you can do at it. You can do this!

The first thing that you need to do is to get your rug prepared. To do this, you need to vacuum either sides to get rid of any dirt that may be present.

Following that, you should test to see if the rug’s color is fading or running. If so, purchase a rug shampoo and follow the mixing guide or create a combination of dish detergent and warm water. If you use hot water the rug’s fibers may shrink or the colors may dwindle. I’m sure you wouldn’t like that. Try the mixture on a piece of the rug, preferably somewhere that is not very visible.     If you see that the colors fade, discontinue!However, if there’s no running, continue to the following step.

Use a soft sponge to create a foam of soap and work it into the rug as deep as possible. Next, leave the mixture to absorb into the rug then rinse after a couple minutes of grinding. In rinsing the rug, you’ll want to make use of a hoseand make sure that there’s no soapy water before finishing. Sounds like a lot of work but believe me, you’ll get the right results! Let’s carry on.

If there is still a lot of water in the rug, it will take a decade to dry! Therefore, you should squeeze out all excess water while being careful not to wring it in a direction that is opposite to the formation of the rug’s fibers.

After all that, place the rug in a flat position and leave it to dry then turn to the other side after one side has been dried. Importantly, the rug’s fibers may have been flattened throughout the washing or drying stages. Hence, you should use a soft brush to slacken the rug’s fibers.

Area rugs can be great for your home. However, all great things need to be maintained in order to upkeep their eminence. Regularly keeping your rugs dirt-free will serve a long time for your family, while providing the avenue for extreme relaxation and comfort.