How to Clean Silk Area Rugs


For me, walking on silk area rugs is a really great experience. The soft, smooth fibers micro-massaging the bottom of my feet while the lengthier ones are busy tickling the inside of my toes. It’s just amazing!

Even with their typically high cost, I’ve always deemed silk area rugs as an excellent flooring material, and even one of the best. However, I kept wondering what the cleaning routine entails. That burning curiosity plagued me until I finally got some insight from my neighbor, Chuck.

Below, I’ll share some of the awesome and easy cleaning steps that Chuck taught me. These steps are geared towards keeping your silk area rugs looking attractive and fresh. Let’s continue!

Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Silk Area Rugs


  1. Prepare the rug. Before using any kind of liquid on the rug, you should try to get rid of any dust and debris that may be present in the rug. To achieve this, you should:
  • Vacuum your silk rugs regularly. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a brushless suction head to vacuum the rug at least twice per week. You may damage the rug’s fibers if you use a beater or roller brushes. Additionally, the pile may be reduced and the entire rug may become damaged.
  • Sweep the silk rug with a soft brush. Sweep the gently to avoid damaging the rug’s fibers.
  • Shake the rug thoroughly.Go outside and thoroughly shake the rug to remove dust or debris. As a result, the rug will be exposedto fresh air which may help to remove unpleasant odors.
  1. Remove stains, if any. Follow the steps below to remove the stains from your silk area rug:
  • Treat the stain as soon as possible before it sets in the fibers.
  • Get rid of hardened spills. To remove hardened stains from your silk rugs, use a spoon to scrape away and scoop up the stain. To note, you should not use any sharp object that may damage the rug’s silk fibers.
  1. Remove liquid spills. Use a clean white rag to gently put pressure on the affected area then soak up the wetness as much as you can.
  • Use club soda to get rid of the discoloration that the stain leaves behind. Use a clean rag partially soaked with club soda and blot the stain, NOT RUB.

Soak up excess club soda with a dry rag, then allow it to air dry. Using heat to dry the area may cause the rug to become damaged.

  • Mix one part water and white vinegar, pour it on a clean rag, then blot the stain. Use a dry cloth to soak up excess wetness and leave the area to air dry.


The softness and smoothness of silk make it a fantastic flooring material. Walking on silk area rugs feels amazing, but not when they become dirty. Cleaning them is quite easy, but things may get a bit tricky when difficult stains arise. Follow my cleaning routine to keep your silk area rugs looking and feeling great!